Pet Microchipping

The best way to ensure that your pet can be properly identified is to have them microchipped.

I have been trained by Pet ID as a pet Microchipping implanter and offer Microchipping for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits

Discounts available for multiple pets or use of other services.


Hundreds of pets go missing in the UK every year. Rescue centres are full of pets that are unable to be reunited with their owners due to lack of identification.

Dog wardens, Police, Rescue Centres, Veterinary Practices, RSPCA all have microchip detecting scanners.

I use Pet-ID RFID microchips, which have a unique number programmed into its memory, which can be read by any ISO FDXA/B scanner world-wide. Microchips contain no battery or moving parts, they are detected by the hand held scanner sending radio waves out which energise the microchip and read the number. These microchips conform to the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).


  • Unique form of identification
  • Painlessly injected beneath the skin
  • Free collar tag with register Helpline number
  • Microchip is coated in anti-migratory coating – helps keep it in position of implant site
  • Your pet and your details are added to a National Database
  • Database operates 24 hours